Shop Now, Pay Later With Klarna!
Klarna is an alternate payment method that allows customers in the US to split eligible purchases into four (4) interest-free payments at checkout.
The first payment will be taken from your credit or debit card when your order is shipped (i.e you will be only charged for the first of four payments when your order is shipped); then the three (3) remaining payments will be automatically charged to your credit or debit card every two weeks thereafter.
All items in your cart must be eligible to qualify for Klarna. The total amount of your purchase must be less than $4,000 to use Klarna. Gift cards cannot be purchased using Klarna.

To use Klarna to pay for your purchase, choose Klarna in the checkout.

If your basket is eligible for four interest-free payments with Klarna, the option will be presented at checkout.
Enter your card information or sign in with your Klarna account.
Place your order and pay your first payment with Klarna (only once item is shipped).
After your order is shipped, Klarna will send a email notification once the 1st payment payment has been processed. You will be informed ahead of time before each of the next payments.
Easily manage your purchases and payments at Klarna.com or on the Klarna app.
The first payment will be charged when your order is shipped. Subsequent payments are automatically charged every two weeks to the debit or credit card you provide at the time of purchase. All scheduled payments are communicated to you by email and you can review your purchases by logging in to your account online or on the app.
There are no fees when you follow the payment schedule. Please review product terms for applicable fees.
When you choose four interest-free payments, Klarna may perform a soft credit check. This type of check will not impact your credit score or show up as a hard inquiry on your credit report.
Klarna currently accepts all major debit and credit cards (i.e., Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, Discover). Please note, prepaid cards, including gift cards, are not accepted.

What are the conditions to sign up?

To sign up, you will need :

  1. A US-issued debit or credit card. Klarna currently accepts most debit and credit cards (i.e., Mastercard, Visa, Discover). Please note, prepaid cards are not accepted.
  2. To be 18 years of age or over
  3. An SMS-capable phone number
  4. A US residential address

What purchases are eligible for klarna?

Purchases greater than or equal to $35 or less than or equal to $4000 are eligible for Klarna.


Can I pay before the due date?

Yes. If you want to pay the outstanding balance of your purchase early, simply log in at the top of the page, go to the order page, and select “Pay off early”.


What if I can not pay my Klarna Installment on time?

A late payment fee will be charged of up to $7 per installment if funds are not available at the time the automatic payment is due. The fee will be charged if the missed payment is not made within 10 days.

Please note that Klarna is an independent payment company and MYLUXQUEEN have no influence over whether your payment with Klarna is accepted or not. If you have any trouble with your order, please contact Klarna Customer Service directly.


Will I still be charged if my order is cancelled?

No. If your order is cancelled, you will not be charged.


My email address is not correct. How can i change it?

You can reach Klarna customer service anytime by calling 844-KLARNA1 (844-552-7621) or you can live chat with Klarna’s customer service agents 24/7 to request that your contact details be updated. Please quote your statement number if you have received a statement by post.

Can a MYLUXQUEEN gift card be used with klarna?

Yes, you can use gift cards with a Klarna purchase. If you use your gift card and still have a remaining balance, you can use Klarna to cover the remainder.


How can i reach klarna?

You can reach Klarna customer service anytime by calling 844-KLARNA1 (844-552-7621), or download the Klarna App to manage your payments directly.